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12 Sep 2011

Another Great Result for our Teams at the Southport 24 hr Race


Really big "well done" to all our intrepid and gutsy sailors at this year's Southport 24hr Race who came through to match last years great results in some really gusty and testing conditions. The 3 teams came in 12th (GP1), 23rd (GP2) and 33rd (Ent) out of 67 clubs teams in the event. And Lesley took the prize (pint pot) for her GP2 team winning their "flight", with the GP1 team coming second in their's.
You can always rely on our Girls to go further than the rest by winning the Ladies event....Congratulations to Nicky Robinson and Rachael Rhodes! Well done girls! I'm told the magnificent trophy will be at the club next week.
Big, big thanks once again to all our gallant helpers for setting up the camp, cooking, shopping, timing, photoing, managing, towing, mending, lending etc....Tim, Wendy, Dennis, Lesley, Andy, Judith (who stayed up ALL night), Charles, Darrell (who lent his GP), John R (who lent his GP), Nigel P (who lent his Ent), and Nick W. and Rob (for the forthcoming photos).

Full report to follow ASAP, when you will all find out how Tom Foskett easily won the Freestyle award for the weekend.

Mike Jones