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9 Aug 2017

British Moths at SHSC

Moths 2017 at SHSC

Staunton Harold Sailing Club provided a grab bag of testing conditions for the 85th British Moth Nationals, held there on August 2-5. For some, there was high winds and exhilarating planing, for others, there was proper Moth conditions – little wind and lots of time to take in the sights, and for others, there was more swimming than sailing.

A fantastic week both on and off the water saw 27 boats from 15 different clubs competing. Capsizes galore, retirements and kit breaking meant that everyone was kept very busy. Nigel and Di and their team as always did a fantastic job of making our guests very welcome and putting on a superb event. Also a special mention to Richard, Aileen and Marie and Di for organising a Mexican themed meal with a quiz - huge fun. To read more go to http://www.yachtsandyachting.com/news/197697/British-Moth-Nationals-at-Staunton-Harold