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2 Jun 2014

Challenging Conditions for our Youngsters at Rutland Eric Twiname Champs

It was a breezy, gusty weekend for the Eric Twiname Champs at Rutland
on 10th/11th May. Gusts measuring in excess of 30 knots were measured
on a number of occasions on the Saturday meaning a day on shore for
the majority of the dinghy sailors. The windsurfers attempted a race
in the morning but only 3 managed to cross the startline! The oppies
and Fevas were on standby for launch on 3 occasions but the oppies
never got on the water. The boys from west zone kept themselves busy
playing football in their sailing kit!
Sunday was a better day sailing wise. The oppies got in 3 races,
though it was still very breezy. Jacob Felton was part of the west
zone optimist team and did himself proud, completing all 3 races in
such challenging conditions. He finished 48th out of 65 with 49, 57
and 38. But more importantly, he was sailing competitively in
conditions he wouldn't have ventured out in a year ago.