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21 Sep 2013

Chloe meets the Extreme 40s...and does well in the Welsh oppie Champs!

Cardiff 2013 060 Cardiff 2013 068

Over the bank holiday weekend, around 30 optimists shared Cardiff Bay with 8 Extreme 40s. It made for an interesting series, with racing starting at 5pm on the Saturday. 2 good races were got in (Chloe got an 8th and a 12th)before a not-so-early night ready for racing again at 9am the next morning! The hope was to have got 2 races in, but being a weather-dependant sport the best laid plans don’t always happen. With the wind dying, the boats went up the first beat and onto the 2nd leg which had by this point become another beat! They were whiskied as they went onto the next leg – oh, another beat! For the first time this year, things went in Chloe’s favour when the wind died. With many going off to the ‘right’ on the 2nd leg, Chloe managed to make straight for the mark, rounding in 8th. Without the 4th race, there was no discard before heading over to the Extreme 40 camp where the top 8 got to be sponsored by each of the Extreme 40 teams in a special race. Chloe was proud to be sponsored by China Spirit, but was her usual timid self when interviewed and had the chance to ask the China Spirit skipper a question. All the sailors got to go on an Extreme 40, shame they didn’t manage to sail one!
Racing resumed at 5pm once the Extreme 40s had finished, but in the meantime they got the chance to try out team racing. Good conditions that evening meant that they were able to fit in 3 races, picking up the one they lost in the morning. Needless to say, there were some very tired children that evening!
2 more races followed early Monday morning to finish the series. Chloe finished an admirable 13th, with only 8 points separating 6th-13th followed by a 10 point gap.
Results: http://www.kbsuk.com/data/OptimistWales/data/results/2013wchnh.html
Picture: Cardiff 060 (not great but the best I’ve got of her on the Extreme 40
Alternatively there’s Cardiff 068, where she’s with the sponsored sail and an Extreme 40 in the background