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20 Sep 2014

DYS at Staunton Harold. 2014

2014 DYS 026 2014 DYS 035 2014 DYS 015 2014 DYS 004

A nice breeze welcomed 17 home and 5 visiting sailors to Staunton for
Derbyshire Youth Sailing. The racing started with the more experienced
sailors sitting on the line, whilst the less experienced struggled a
little and the 29er made it just in time after having had to return to
shore. The fleet clearly separated itself into a number of groups,
with good competition going on within each of these groups and Ellie
Craig leading the racing on the water.
Race 2 started with a little less breeze, so the startline was a
little busier. With Ellie Craig trying to create a gap on the
startline, the 2 top optimist sailors Chloe Felton and Carsington's
Dan Welbourn-Hesp closed the gap which resulted in an amazing but
slightly early start. Ellie was flying around the race course but it
was the match racing going on between Chloe and Dan that was keeping
those on shore entertained.
Race 3 continued in much the same vein as race 2. Ellie was allowed to
race her own race, with a battle going on between the other laser
sailors a little further back. Edward Green and Cameron Smith were
sailing very well in their Topaz and largely keeping up with the
lasers. Chloe and Dan were racing each other again, with Jacob Felton
joining them and even taking the lead at one point. Kamran Ewbank,
Oliver Hamilton and Nathan Smith were having their own race mid fleet,
with each of them having the lead at various points over the races.
Further back, Tara Ewbank was sailing well with the remaining
optimists Rachel Coopey and Maddy Green, and Lucas Wickwar having the
determination to keep going in an optibat. Eleanor Wilde was the lead
topper for the first 2 races, whilst the visiting 29er newbies showed
improvement over the day even if they did go for several swims!
The final results were:
1 Ellie Craig
2 Dan Welbourn-Hesp
3 Chloe Felton
1 Ellie Craig
2 Matthew Luxton
3 Joe Stocker
1 Chloe Felton
2 Dan Welbourn-Hesp
3 Edward Green/ Cameron Smith
1 Jacob Felton
2 Kamran Ewbank
3 Oliver Hamilton