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12 Jul 2016

GP14 Open - 2016

GP14 Open - 2016

The wind forecast is always a worry at this time of year - will there be any?  Instead, on Sunday, we had the opposite problem - almost too much of the stuff, but not enough sailors to enjoy it. However, those that could tear themselves away from other sporting distractions enjoyed some cracking sailing in a strong South Westerly wind - the ideal direction for this reservoir.

Four visiting teams and three home boats set out for the first race in which Pete Jacques and Hayley Ramadhar took an early lead, alas, they then suffered a breakage and had to retire for repairs, shortly to be followed by Sam Watson and Andy Hunter who saw their genoa halyard sheeve block pull out of the mast and the rig tension resulting in the wire halyard cutting through the seam weld of the mast for a good 6" - one for the scrap man.  But it was 2 local boats piloted by Rach Rhodes, with Simon Forbes and Pete Gray with Rich Pepperdine who then led to the finish with Fergus Barnham crewed by Ellie Devereux in the P&B boat, 3rd.

.GP14 Open 2016 /2

Race 2 was held back to back and with a wind shift to the right, a new course was promptly set by the race management team, involving a gybe mark just off the clubhouse shore for maximum spectator entertainment.  This time it was Rach Rhodes turn to have to retire as her rudder would not stay down - it was suitably "modified" over lunch, in time for Race 3.  Pete Gray and Rich eventually wrested the lead, with Fergus and Ellie coming in second and Pete Jacques and Hayley after leading again at one point, third.

Lunch was then taken, while a club race was held and the GP14 teams could watch the entertainment rather than being it.  The final race was held in slightly strengthening winds and this proved a little too much when Pete Jacques and Hayley were flattened by a big gust at the windward mark, which pushed them to the back of the fleet, after being in the lead.  A downwind gust also tipped Matt Birks and Alan Jones in, which ended their race.

So an eventful days sailing - only three boats completed all 3 races, some scrap aluminium was generated, lots of homemade chocolate brownies were consumed, some Gold fleet sailors got wet, and a novice GP14 helm (Rach Rhodes) came second.  Overall winner was Pete Gray, crewed by Richard Pepperdine in a 22 years old wooden series 2 boat.  Rach Rhodes, crewed by Simon Forbes was second and Fergus Barnham, crewed by Ellie Devereux 3rd. Full results below.  I understand that elsewhere there was a tennis match and motor race too.