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18 Oct 2013

Great results for our Young Sailors at the Oppie End of Season

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SHSC had a good representation at the Optimist End of Seasons, and a successful one at that!
Saturday had a stormy start with Rutland looking more like the sea than a reservoir and torrential rain. Once we were all rigged, the rain stopped and the wind died! This made it frustrating for the main fleet who had to deal with light, shifty wind and only managed to get 2 races in. Regatta fleet fared slightly better, getting in 2 races before dinner and 2 more after. Peter got the shock of his life when he finished 6th in one race. Jacob was a bit disappointed to learn that he slowed down too soon at the finish line on another race, but he still got a 3rd!
Sunday began in much the same way, though this time the wind continued. Readings from the main fleet course were a steady 24 with gusts of 30. Chloe got 20th in that first race of the day, followed by 29th. Needless to say, the regatta fleet stayed on shore. The wind started to die down at lunchtime and a pleasant afternoon’s sailing was had by all. Chloe continued in the same vane achieving her best result of 17 and they managed to get in the extra race to make up for Saturday. She finished 67th overall out of 204.
All SHSC regatta fleet sailors managed to get a top 10 result on Sunday, with Kamran developing a reputation for preferring Sunday sailing over Saturday. He showed how vital it is to know your course, turning a top 10 result into a 1st by having the conviction to follow the correct course when those in front of you have gone the wrong way! Jacob finished 8th overall, counting only top 10 results. Kam finished not far behind in 11th, and Peter in 16th. Excellent results all round, particularly for Peter in his first national event and biggest startline of 39 sailors.

And last, but most ceratinly not least:

In addition to Ellie Craig's place in Topper Intermediate Squad, Chloe has got a place in the Optimist Development Squad and Jacob is in Optimist West Zone. Well done them!