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16 Apr 2014

Great results from our travellers over the weekend of the 12th/13th


25 Lasers entered the Laser Midland Grand Prix event held at Barnt Green open meeting jointly with the Solo Open on 12th April.  Four boats from SHSC entered and made the most of the gusty conditions.  Rich Bennett sailing his standard rig came 3rd overall.  Ellie Craig, Rebecca Grimshaw and Paul Williamson all sailed Radials.  Paul was 1st Radial and 6th  overall, Ellie was 1st lady, 2nd Radial and 12th overall and Rebecca was 4th Radial and 21st overall. 

Laser Grand Prix Update. Rod Theaker and Craig Williamson have also competed in the Grand Prix series with Craig winning at Chelmarsh and Rod 4th at Tamworth.  From the 80 sailors that have competed so far their current positions are shown below as shown below:
·         Paul Williamson - 5th.
·         Rebecca Grimshaw - 12th and first Radial.
·         Rich Bennett – 16th
·         Rod Theaker – 17th
·         Eleanor Craig – 18th
·         Craig Williamson – 23rd.  
The series is open to all Laser sailors for more details see the following link:
Solos at Barnt Green
Whilst our sailors were battling it out at Barnt Green in their Lasers, Tim Gray was flying the SHSC flag in the Solo fleet. He finished 5th with two 4th places.

Here's his report:

Lost 4th place on a tie break to Stu Bush again!! 1st was Stu Hydon...he got a bottle on Glen Livert. 4the got a bottle of Port. I was 5th!
Meanwhile at the RS400 Spring Championship :
The 2014 RS 400 sprint championship was held at Rutland Sailing Club over the weekend of 12th and 13th April.  This comprised of 12 short races over the weekend.  Craig Williamson joined forces with Jonathan Swain from Carsington to finish 5th on the water from a fleet of 23 boats.  However, Nick Craig was deemed ineligible by only sailing on the Sunday when the fleet were split into Gold and Silver fleets leaving Craig and Jon in 4th place in the Gold Fleet.

Another big well done to all of them!