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21 Mar 2017

Injury calls a halt to Chloe Felton's first major race event in 2017

Injury calls a halt

It was a game of two halves for Chloe Felton and her crew Saskia Taylor at the GBR420 Inland Championships. Held at Rutland Sailing Club, this was the first major outing for the pairing who only got together in January.

The forecast for the whole weekend was breezy, and it was fairly accurate. Heading out in a good force 4-5, it took a race to settle in to what was the strongest wind the pair had sailed in. With a slight drop in breeze, they pulled in a 16th in race 2 followed by a 22nd. The breeze then picked up again for the final race of the day where they got another very respectable top 20 result, leaving them sitting in 25th overall.

Sunday was a very different story. With gusts in excess of 30 knots, the majority of the fleet found themselves in the water at some point. Playing it safe, Chloe and Saskia found themselves in a good position until a mistake caused them to capsize. Unfortunately the pairing had to retire from the race due to outside assistance and an injury to Saskia, which also prevented them from taking part in any further racing. Racing was postponed after a shortened race 6, followed shortly after by abandonment due to the excessive wind conditions.