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11 Sep 2013

John Blundell manages 14th overall at the Solo Inlands!

Great turn out of 96 boats. Good wind strength over the two days with semi planing on Saturday and slightly less Sunday. However big shifts making the beats a risky affair. There were a few grumbles over the Race Officer as he was slow on setting the course and was unable to get three races in on the Sunday, but the rest of the organisation was up to usual high standard, and they even had a jury boat out to "police" the event. 
Personal analysis and areas to work on:- 
Four average starts made life difficult for me as I was rounding in the thirties for the first four races. With the high standard of the fleet throughout it was always a big ask to get decent results after such starts. The last race was a better start where I rounded 12th. Need to practice being more positive on the start line at SHSC as have become too lazy in not trying to nail the start line which has transcended to the bigger fleet racing. 
A school boy error made in the second race cost me two places in the overall standings,  where I tried to roll over a boat on the fetch to the finish only to end up doing turns with 40 yards to go and seeing 8 boats sail through me. Forgot about the bigger picture for a small race gain. 
On the plus side downwind speed was excellent, where I was gaining places all the time, especially in semi planing conditions. Improvements in speed and handling in the breezier conditions compared to last year were evident, and this is due to the practice put in at SHSC with more time being spent on the water. 
But was not as good in the chop upwind when the wind died a little, need to pratice powering through the chop and lose some height upwind. 
Although the result was down on the 9th achieved last year, I thought I sailed better overall apart from my starts. 
Conclusions being poor starts, tactics sound, downwind speed very good, upwind average, need to target the areas to practice at SHSC.


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