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22 Apr 2013

Laser Name Change


Bruce Kirby, the designer of the Laser, has recently been involved in a legal dispute about unpaid royalties.  As a result he has withdrawn building rights from one of the current manufacturers, Laser Performance, which supplies boats in the UK and North America. 


Kirby has set up a new company to produce a boat called the Kirby Torch which will be identical to the existing Laser.  The Kirby Torch builders have said that all ISAF-plaqued Lasers (basically all existing boats) will be regarded as class legal in the Kirby Torch fleet.


These changes are unlikely to have any impact on club sailing, other than possibly a change of Fleet name at some time in the future.


At the time of writing there is also no indication from the international Laser Class Association and UK Laser Association websites that racing at a national or international level will be affected.


The overall message is that whether it's a Laser or a Kirby Torch don't have any hesitation about buying and enjoying sailing it !


Richard Barnett

Laser fleet captain

19 April 2013