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1 Dec 2014

Midlands Optimist Training at Staunton Harold

MOT nov 2014 004 MOT nov 2014 006 MOT nov 2014 019

19 sailors came to Staunton for the Midland Optimist Team winter training. It was fantastic to see so many young sailors and such a buzz around the place. Unfortunately the breeze that was starting to come in quickly faded, so the morning was spent on land looking at rigging for different wind conditions. It wasn't all classroom based though - in groups of 3 with at least 1 experienced and 1 inexperienced sailor, they thought about what they would do and then checked each other's boats with the coaches advising. They then rigged for different conditions.
With the new focus of the RYA on 'mobilisation' the zone and development squad sailors were encouraged to lead the other sailors in their mobilisation exercises ready to go on the water after dinner.
After resetting their sails and mainsheets for the current conditions of very little wind, we headed onto the water for a drift. The focus of this session for main fleet was starting and positioning in the boat for boat speed, whilst regatta fleet concentrated on improving their tacks. Thankfully the breeze picked up slightly to allow us to have a decent session on the water. The sailors had a chance to race against each of the coaches, with Cora claiming back her old number and proving she can still sail an optimist!