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20 May 2016

Oppie travellers update!

Oppie travellers

The racing calendar for the oppies has begun! The first event was the Banbury Open in April, which both Jacob Felton and Tara Ewbank attended. Chloe was busy at Girls High Performance Training in Weymouth in preparation for the Selections. After four races in lovely sailing conditions (around 10 knots of wind and blue sky, if a little cold!) Tara finished 21st out of 40 sailors, with Jacob finishing 8th.


For Jacob and Tara, the next event was the Eric Twiname Championships at Rutland. They both got the chance to compete for Midland Zone at the annual end of winter training regatta. It was Jacob's last and Tara's first. Both days were characterised by light wind, though Saturday was particularly light. Despite having to AP due to lack of wind, they still pulled in three races on Saturday, followed by the usual human table football competition which Jacob finally managed to get on after three years of trying! Unfortunately there was a not-so-minor error on the committee boat which resulted in race one getting binned. Another three races were promptly sailed on Sunday whilst the parents basked in the glorious sunshine. Jacob pulled in a 9th on Sunday to get his best ET result of 28th out of 76 sailors, while Tara experienced her first large start line to finish 72nd.


The following weekend was the Optimist Inlands at Grafham. This was Chloe's last ever optimist event and Tara's first IOCA main fleet event. With over 200 boats entered into main fleet it was busy! Obviously they forgot to pay the wind bill though.... Saturday was raceable - 10 knots at the committee boat and 6 knots at mark 1, even if the wind was incredibly shifty. Chloe had a great start, finishing race one in 8th followed by two results in the 30s. Jacob's results put him midfleet, with Tara finishing just behind him in race 1. Sunday, however, was not great for sailing. With highs of 6 knots, the wind was mostly around 2-3 knots with the occasional 0 being registered. The fleet finally managed to get two races in with the 2nd start taking an hour to get away in race 5. Chloe gave up with serious racing, and decided to just enjoy her last outing, getting 2 midfleet results in conditions that certainly did not favour her! Tara pulled in another midfleet result to put her in 183rd overall - a pretty good first event. Jacob improved on Saturday's performance, getting a 12th in the final race of the day as the wind finally kicked in - only to completely die again (0 knots) as they came towards the finish!