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2 Dec 2013

Oppie winter MOT training

Autumn 2013 251

On 16th November at Staunton Harold there was a rare sight – 18 oppies ready to go out for MOT winter training! After a couple of years of declining numbers this was a welcome sight, with Staunton’s sailors coming out in force. It was good to see such a large number of our kids coming along for some serious training and fun along the way. Smiles were evident throughout with many young sailors learning lots and being enthused, even those who didn’t want to race!
It was noted by all that our oppie fleet is the strongest in the area, and this has been recognised by IOCA. The midlands region has been loaned a 6 stack oppie trailer to be used to help newer sailors travel. As we have such a large and growing fleet, this is to be held at Staunton. We already have a number of sailors wishing to use it to get to more of the winter training. 
Amongst the new faces present was the new Head Coach for MOT, James Murdock. He did a good job of keeping the youngsters on track and including the less experienced sailors whilst stretching the more experienced ones. No mean feat!
The next MOT winter training is on 14th Dec at Banbury, but we will be back!