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9 Sep 2011

Our Sailors at the Budworth Firefly and Fireball Open

Kris Cora

Cora and Kris Kenmiur Hogg, and Becky Priest and Tim Saunders sailed a joint Firefly and Fireball open at Budworth.

Congratulations to Becky & Tim who swept the board in their Fireball.
Here's Kris's report on his and Cora's day in their Firefly:

1st race we attempted (I) a port flyer and had to return over the line and take penalty (I know, I know!) pulled back from last to finish 3rd. Second race 2nd off the line tacked for a lane and jib didn't get uncleated, near capsize..sailed all the way up the beat full of water (no transom flaps and only one bailer) whilst the fleet of approx 8 again rounded the windward and sailed half the run before we were two thirds up the beat - sailed like Kris and Cora possessed to finish on the transom (literally) of the 3rd boat...4th place. Last race, race 3; clear start excellent boat speed and sailed off to a leg clear at halfway. We got caught by a South Staffs boat (the overall winner) but held it by 10 seconds at the finish. Overall SHSC Firefly 2nd place - Cora was awarded her 1st bottle of plonk much to her surprise given that the rescue crew got a box of choc's???
Great day.No rain. Fair wind of around F2-3. Not sailed together for over 18 months and my 1st open in 2 years.
Well done them!!