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6 Oct 2012

Our sailors succeed in big boats as well!

2012-08-16 05.27.09 RBIR track P8232060 (640x480)

Liz sailed (helming most of the time) round Britain and Ireland non-stop in 11 days 4 hours and 38 mins. Here's her report:

The race was organised by Clipper Events on the Clipper Welcome to Yorkshire 68ft yacht competing against Edinburgh Inspiring Capital.
The 1,800-mile race was divided into three parts, Portsmouth to Muckle Flugga (Shetland) , then to the Fastnet Rock (SW Ireland) and back to Portsmouth. The actual course length was 2,420 miles and we won 2 legs out of 3 and after nearly 2 ½ thousand miles we were the overall winner by 2 minutes!
Although we were sailing round our coast, most of the time we were out of site of land and nearer to Norway than Scotland. As usual we had a mix of weather conditions but thankfully very little rain even though for most of the summer that's all we seemed to have!
Although we were only competing with one other yacht the race was very close the whole way round which meant no relaxing at any time during the race. Memorable moments were sailing by the wind farms, through the oil fields which were like mini cities on platforms, arriving at Muggle Flugga at dawn (the top of Britain) and the final 50 mile race to the finish line with Edinburgh right on our tail waiting for the smallest of mistakes to take the lead.
Skipper Pete Stirling summed it up with the following quote on the attached link.