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8 Sep 2014

Our Youngsters hit the International Oppie scene at Weymouth

Weymouth 2014 190

Optimist Nationals becomes an International event!
Nearly 400 Optimist sailors descended on WPNSA for the Optimist
Nationals with near perfect weather conditions. The sun was shining
(mostly) and the wind ranged nicely from 6-8 knots to 16-18 knots,
with only the last day a wipeout - but by that point there was only 1
race remaining! It was a tough event though for some, with around 70
of the 170 main fleet seniors being international sailors - and many
of those were worlds teams using the event as practice for the World
Championships later this year. There were only 32 British sailors in
Gold fleet....
This was Chloe Felton's first year in the senior fleet. It was a much
bigger step than she had anticipated, largely no doubt to such high
level of competition bearing in mind the Optimist Worlds are a closed
event. Day 1 was demoralising til she realised who she was sailing
against and that her 50th was actually 23rd GBR.... Her best result of
the qualifying series was 37th/11th GBR equating to 21st on the
It was Jacob Felton's first year in main fleet. He was always seen
with a huge grin on his face, particularly as he crossed the finish
line. He was always found towards the back of the racing fleet, but he
got a finish for every race.
We had a record number of entries for regatta fleet this year, with 5
sailors taking part - Kamran Ewbank, Peter Nugent, Sam Nugent, Amy
Nugent and Tara Ewbank. For all but Kamran, this was their first
Nationals and first time on the sea. Kamran's experience showed
through, achieving a 5th in one race. Sunday's higher winds meant it
was a baptism of fire for the first timers, but Monday's calmer
conditions brought calmer children. The wind came up again on Tuesday
and, despite being anxious, Sam rose to the challenge to achieve some
good results including an 11th. Amy wasn't far behind overall and was
often smiling with new friends, whilst Peter got on with it in Regatta
Racing enjoying every minute, especially being out all day. Tara
showed that she had been desperate to get into an oppie by being first
girl in Mini Racers.