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18 May 2013

Peter Mountford and his Comet showing consistantly good results!


Here is his report:


I have entered 4 Comet open meetings so far this season, 3 of which (Burghfield, Maidenhead and Winsford Flash) were sailed in very strong gusty winds.
1) Hunts SC Comet Open 20th April 1013
No.of entrants:- 20
1st race:- 7th
2nd race:- 3rd (headed for the wrong leeward mark while 1st!!)
3rd race:- 1st
Overall position:- 2nd
2) Burghfield SC Comet Open 27th April 2013
No. of entrants:- 11
1st race:- 5th
2nd race:- 3rd (hit the penultimate mark with the end of my boom on the last lap while 2nd!!)
3rd race:- 3rd
4th race:- 2nd
Overall position:- 2nd
3) Maidenhead SC Comet Open Meeting 4th May 2013
No. of entrants:- 18
1st race:- 8th (capsized while 2nd!!)
2nd race:- 5th (capsized 3 times!!)
3rd race:- Retired (capsized towards the end of the last lap while 3rd - "death-rolled" to windward on a run and got the mast stuck in the mud!!)
Overall position:- 7th 
So that was a total of 5 capsizes at just one open meeting which was more than the total no. of capsizes for the whole of the last (2012) season!!!!!
4) Winsford Flash SC Comet Open Meeting 11th May 2013
No. of entrants:- 15
1st race:- DNS (The reason should make you laugh - on arrival, the competitor next to me in the car park asked me if I had any spare control lines as he had left his at home, to which I replied I had plenty of rope but no spare blocks for the kicker etc.  I commiserated with him and pointed him to one of the local competitors who l knew lived nearby and who was able to get him a spare set from their home.  Little did I know what was about to unfold!  I then busied myself with unpacking and rigging my own boat, and at a certain stage, dived into the boot of my car to retrieve my rudder and dagger board only to discover that I had left them at home - aaaaaargh!!!!!!!  The local class captain was very helpful and "borrowed" a set of foils from another WFSC Comet which he thought would not be sailing.  However, this dagger board would not fit in the slot in my own boat.  So I resorted to "plan B":- drove 60 miles back home, got my own foils where I had left them in the garage, and drove the 60 miles back to Winsford in time to enter the second race - am I bonkers? - it was definitely worth it as the 2nd and 3rd races were sailed in very strong winds and were therefore most enjoyable.)
2nd race:- 4th (a wind speed indicator in the WFSC clubhouse recorded one gust reaching 39mph!)
3rd race:- 4th (broached out of control while 2nd, and then went for the wrong windward mark while 3rd!!)
Overall position:- 5th
The full reports for the Hunts, Burghfield and Winsford Flash meetings are at:- 
The positions for all the entrants at the Maidenhead meeting is at:- 
Sorry, but I don't have any pictures.
All good fun albeit a trifle damp on occasion, and I am looking forward to completing at least one open meeting without making some sort of cock-up!
 his report: