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17 Oct 2014

Report on SHSC sailors at The Optimist End of Seasons at Rutland

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Report on SHSC sailors at The Optimist End of Seasons at Rutland .
Staunton had a record number of sailors at the Optimist End of Seasons
at Rutland on 11th/12th October. Joining the usual motley crew of
Chloe Felton, Jacob Felton and Kamran Ewbank was Rachel Coopey, Maddie
Green and Tara Ewbank. Another 9 sailors from the midlands joined
Unfortunately the nice forecast on the Wednesday before slowly
decreased, leaving us wondering on the Friday whether there was going
to be any racing at all. As a ranking event, that was concerning for
those trying to get into squads.
After a short delay on the Saturday, it was suddenly action stations
as around 300 oppies prepared to launch. There was a little confusion
as some regatta fleet sailors managed to launch amidst the main fleet
sailors, but all soon headed to their correct sailing areas. The new
transition fleet soon started, followed by regatta fleet. Over in the
main area, the first main fleet start got away with a general recall
on the second start. This was followed very soon by an abandon for
main fleet, and then for regatta. Only transition fleet managed to
complete a race in the morning. Kamran had a huge grin on his face
after getting a 10th.
After lunch, transition and regatta both got a couple of races in. It
wasn't great, but there was generally enough wind in front of the
clubhouse even if it did have its moments. Rachel wasn't very
impressed when there was a 180 degree wind shift - and she was in 2nd
before it got abandoned. Unfortunately main fleet returned to shore
having been on the water for 4-5 hours without completing a single
race. The peninsula meant that the wind on their course was very
patchy, with differences in direction of about 40 degrees from one
side of the start line to the other!
Sunday thankfully didn't follow Friday's forecast. Arriving in the
morning, there was some breeze but the reservoir was covered in fog.
When the fog disappeared, so did the wind. As soon as there was a hint
of wind, the sailors were launched and main fleet got in 3 races.
Still light, with the wind not always doing what it was meant to, it
was tricky conditions and the lighter sailors had the advantage.
Meanwhile, regatta got another 3 races under their belt and transition
were like Duracell bunnies completing 4 races on the Sunday to give a
total of 7 races.
Kamran finished as he started, with a 12th to finish 22nd overall in
the transition fleet. Rachel finished the highest of the Staunton
sailors in regatta fleet in 31st with Maddie and Tara just behind in
37th and 38th respectively.
Chloe finished in 73rd after a frustrating last race, with a good
effort from Jacob leaving him in 191st. Not bad when there's over 200