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17 Jan 2017

Safety Boat Club

Safet Boat

Our new Safety Boat Club for Staunton Harold members enjoyed its first meet on Saturday. A small turnout made good use of the excellent chocolate and biscuits.

After a brief chat, we decided to take a close look at the 9.5HP Tiller Steer 'carrot'.

Working out the 'secret' clutch button to allow a fast idle made starting a cinch. Just a few moments located the actual position of neutral and a few moments more had the engine lift ratchet tamed.

After a gentle potter around the lake identifying shallows and 'not-so-shallows' we returned for more coffee and biscuits and a reminder that the engine needs to be in Forward gear to allow it to be lifted.

Joking aside, it was really nice to have a bit of time to go through all of the little quirks of one of the power boats without the pressure to rush it in and out of the water. 

Thanks Simon, for helping out (and top tips).

Any takers for this Saturday, bring lots of warm clothes......Despite the beautiful sunrise, it is quite chilly these days!!

Well done to Rob for running this great new initiative.


(please note generic image of a safety boat)