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10 Sep 2014

SHSC 2014 Sailability Days a Great Success

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2014 Sailabilty Report

We hosted 19 youngsters on our final session on Sunday 24th August, sailing conditions were perfect allowing 18 of the 19 to either helm or operate jib or main sheets. We have been taking parents out onto the water to watch events which has been a really positive move. Seeing first hand their children taking part in sailing and sharing the excitement and sense of achievement has meant that many of this year’s participants are already wanting to know about 2015.
We have seen over the four sessions many regular attendees and the feedback has been very positive, there are two examples worth highlighting, one of our boys was a scout but had to leave as they were unable to support him or cater for his individual needs, he came sailing with us and through working closely with him he has since joined the sea cadets who are working closely with him fostering his interest gained with us. We also have had a parent and their daughter who had down’s syndrome who have signed up for a club course where hopefully she will achieve a level 1.
We are compiling a report which will contain feedback from participants, their parents or carers and Umbrella, we will also have final numbers but an estimate of the numbers taking part would be about 80. I should also say that we have had the full support of 12 club members to run these sessions without whom we couldn’t have run them.
Many thanks also to the club for allowing and supporting this initiative during 2014