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25 May 2015

Staunton Harold SC's travelling Oppie sailors take part in the Optimist Inlands at Grafham Water

Optimist Inlands

It was a breezy start to the Optimist Inlands with plenty of white horses on Grafham Water. Chloe was raring to go whilst Jacob was apprehensive. Kamran was taking it all in his stride but unfortunately Tara missed the first day due to illness. 198 sailors were signed up for main fleet, though a few didn't manage any racing on Saturday! The wind calmed down after the first race to a more manageable level but was still a good breeze.

Chloe had a brilliant first day, finishing in 26th with 15, 20, 15. Kamran and Jacob were in the same flight so always raced each other. Kamran finished 2 places ahead of Jacob in each of the first 2 races before Jacob decided he had nothing to lose on the start line of race 3 and pulled in a 33rd.

Day 2 was much calmer, with a base wind of at least 12 knots. Chloe started off well with a 23rd but as the wind dropped she found herself in the midst of less experienced sailors so it went a little downhill with 2 mid-fleet results. Jacob managed to pretty much maintain his overall position with results in the 60s and 70s. Kamran continued with 80 somethings to finish 176th. All came in with smiles on their faces, though it was an emotional time for Chloe as she said goodbye to many of her friends who were leaving the fleet.

Tara had a pretty good day in regatta fleet. Eager to get racing after missing a day, she achieved 34, 23 and 35 out of approximately 40 sailors per race, with many sailors dipping in and out of the racing!

Chloe Felton 46th
Jacob Felton 148th
Kamran Ewbank 176th
Tara Ewbank 44th regatta fleet