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14 Jun 2016

Staunton hosts Topper and Optimist Open

Staunton hosts Topper and Optimist Open

Despite a poor forecast, 17 optimist sailors and 18 topper sailors turned up at Staunton Harold for the topper and oppie open. There were many puns on being 'optimist'ic over racing! Doubtful that there was going to be any sailing, there was suddenly a hive of activity at 10.30 as the wind kicked enough to get racing.

The first race got underway, first for the toppers and then for the oppies - a few of which decided to hug the committee boat! Both Kamran and Tara Ewbank had brilliant starts in race 1, showing how much they've improved following their winter in zone squad. Oliver Hamilton amazed everyone by leading the oppies for the majority of that race, but Banbury's George Eames Matthews chased him down to beat him across the line with Jacob Felton behind in 3rd place. Tara dropped back a bit but still got a very respectable 7th. Kamran achieved an excellent 4th in the topper fleet.Thomas Kelsall took part in his first optimist event and took on the back of the main fleet.

Race 2 followed, still with light airs. Oliver still sailed well to get a 5th, with the more experienced sailors taking the top 4 places - Jacob getting another 3rd.

The afternoon's racing saw the breeze increase whilst becoming more shifty. The close racing continued in the oppie fleet. Jacob almost had a brilliant start in race 3 but was just slightly too early, so had to return to the line. Despite this he worked hard to come back to 6th. Oliver continued to sail well, finishing in the top half in all races. Thomas got his best result of the day in the last race with an impressive 10th. Kamran also had a good finish to the day with a 7th.

Nick Welbourn (Hykeham), Krishan Bhogal (Manor Park) and Matt McRobbie (Hykeham) dominated the topper fleet. Similarly George Eames Matthews (Banbury), Millie Irish (Draycote) and Jacob Felton dominated the oppie fleet.


Topper results:

Nick Welbourn 1st

Krisham Bhogal 2nd

Matt McRobbie 3rd

Kamran Ewbank 8th

Eleanor Wilde 16th


Oppie results:

George Eames Matthews 1st

Millie Irish 2nd

Jacob Felton 3rd

Oliver Hamilton 6th

Tara Ewbank 14th

Thomas Kelsall 15th (1st regatta)

Lucas Wickwar 17th (2nd regatta)