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6 Jun 2016

Staunton retains Interclub trophy!

Interclub 2016 - Grahame

Interclub 2016 - startlineStaunton Harold Sailing Club dominated the sailing at this year's Interclub event between Burton SC, Staunton Harold SC and Swarkestone SC on Sunday 27th May ensuring a win for the second year running. As hosts the club had 47 boats on the water and gave a warm welcome to Burton SC’s travelling fleet of three boats and Swarkestone SC’s fleet of five boats. 

Congratulations to Grahame Newton who took first place overall in a Laser, (after two convincing firsts) Dee Fleming who sailed into second in a Mirror (with a second and third place) and Corey Newton who came in third, enjoying the chance to sail competitively against two other Supernovas (after achieving a second and a fifth place). Overall the event was a great showcaase for Staunton Harold, with visitors able to enjoy enviable facilities set off to their best advantage on the day. Strong sailing across a range of fleets ensured SHSC recorded top ten positions in different classes, despite several of our top sailors being away at other events representing the club.

A single start line and a carefully thought out course ensured competitive racing with close finishes. For a full list of results go to: /results/2016/interclub.htm

Well done to all those sailors who took part and made this a winning event for Staunton Harold Sailing Club and thank you to all our visiting sailors!