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12 May 2014

Staunton sailor at the Optimist Selectors

Selections 2014 002

Over the bank holiday weekend, Chloe Felton took part in the Optimist Selectors at WPNSA. This was 4 days of intense racing, completing 13 races.

Day 1 started for Chloe with a black flag, followed by a tentative start resulting in a 71st. 2 more starts followed, but neither were finished due to the wind. It felt like a long day with very little to show for it!
Day 2 was much longer but more productive. On the water for 9am, racing didn't finish until 6pm but at least 4 races were completed, 3 of which were out in the bay. For Chloe they got progressively better, finishing with a brilliant 14th. There were some very tired sailors by the end of the day!
Day 3 saw a delay in racing whilst they waited for the wind to pick up. They headed out into the bay again in the hope of more wind, and thankfully a sea breeze came through raising the wind to 10 knots at one point. 3 more races were completed successfully, with a good forecast for the last day.
It was another early start on day 4 to get 4 races in. 4 clean starts and 4 races promptly completed. Unfortunately, though it was better wind it never quite got to good wind.
All in all it was very close, very competitive racing from the top end of the optimist fleet with only around 5 minutes between the first and last boat finishing. Chloe finished a respectable 65th out of 82 boats.