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30 Nov 2016

Staunton's Chloe Felton competes in the 420's End of Seasons

Zoe felton 420

Staunton's Chloe Felton took part in her first 420 major event, the End of Seasons at Grafham, with Molly Nixon as her crew. The weekend event would have been more aptly named -  Winters - thanks to the weathe which was bitterly cold!

The conditions on Saturday were fair, if  freezing cold ... Chloe and Molly showed promise through the racing, frequently being in the top 30 at the first windward mark. Unfortunatley whilst they did get a top 30 result they  were unable to hold their top position throughout most races.

Strong winds on Sunday ensured much more challending conditions. Whilst the wind would have been great in Chloe's previous oppie events, they were somewhat more daunting in the newer, bigger boat. The girls completed every race though and again pulled in a top 30 result as the wind dropped off in the last race. They finished the day  38th overall, with a worst result of 36th a great result to Chloe and Molly's first major event.

Congratulations and good luck through 2017!