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24 Jul 2013

Tim Gray turns it on in his new boat at the Solo Nationals.


As I was taking delivery of a new Winder Solo a week earlier I decided that it was time to go for it at the Nationals (I have not done a championship for 10 + years)! And the weather was set fair so obviously it was a good time to go.
I had sailed the boat only once before I turned up on the Friday evening before the event, not really an ideal preparation! But no pressure then...
However I was welcomed  as soon as I arrived, about 7pm, and found my spot in the boat park.
Saturday was measurement day and it took till mid afternoon with the 115 entered boats to check. 
Sunday dawned to a shining sun and the wind blowing nicely. I hadn't got the boat set up properly for Race 1 (what was he doing all Saturday!? Ed.) so ended up with a result in the 80s. Race 2 was a bit better and I posted a 58th.
Monday was more of the same with 59th and 61st in Races 3 & 4, even though changes had been made to boat set-up. Still work to do!
Tuesday, more changes to boat and it felt better a lot better. This was the day that we were all paired off with our "Buddies" in which our combined results at the end of the event go towards the overall "Buddy Trophy" for the winning pair. Prior to setting off I had read the Buddy list and found I was paired up with Stuart Godwin, who had had  1,BFD, 1, BFD which was not the start in a 12 race series. 
Up the first beat I found myself following Stuart and at last found some boat speed. This resulted in a great improvement and I had a 16th in Race 5 and then a 26th in Race 6. Much better....I could at last see the numbers of the front boats !!
The rest of the week was spent up and down the fleet. Boats at the back went just as quick as those at the front, whch was proved several times when they got to the front and stayed there.
Overall, I finished 48th well in the top half. 
At the prize giving I noticed a Buddy Trophy and wondered how I might have faired... as the individual results hadn't been announced it was impossible to calculate it. I thought we stood a chance as both Stuart and myself had improved over the week. So I was really happy to hear our names called as winners. Fantastic result, and whilst it was the only trophy I got during the week (maybe next year. Ed.) it was the friendliest! Stuart managed 4 race wins but still came 6th overall due to those black flag results.
The sun shone all week the wind was around most of the time. The food was very good with a full English to get the day going and  varied evening meals. I can thougherly recommend Hayling if you get a chance to go, just watch for those pesky tides and wind shifts !!!
Tim Gray  
Solo  5443
Final report and full Results: